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Type: TV
Episodes: None
Status: Not Yet Aired
Aired: 2015-07-04 to None
Genres: Comedy, Sci-Fi, Romance, Slice of Life, School
Duration: None mins.
Rating: None

Fourth Tokyo–one of Japan’s new prefectures on Mars. Kirishina City, Fourth Tokyo’s special economic zone, is home to the Kirishina Corporation, an elite corporation renowned for its aerospace business. The company has been expanding its market share in various industries, while also running a private school, the Kirishina Science and Technology Academy High School. That alone would make it unique, but there’s also a high-profile class on campus. Devoting themselves to their studies during the day, they then report to the company after school to take part in a crucial project, the development of prototype variants for rockets. This is the Kirishina Corporation’s Advanced Technological Development Department, Educational Development Class, a.k.a. A-TEC. A-TEC’s chief, the young engineering genius, Kaito Sera, is also the homeroom teacher of the A- TEC students attending the academy, affectionately (?) known as the Raving Rocket Teacher. The story begins with the arrival of a transfer student to A-TEC. The A-TEC members are ready to welcome their new classmate, but the student in question is kidnapped en route to Mars. Determining that they themselves will have to be the ones to overcome this crisis, Kaito and the A-TEC students embark on an unprecedented rescue mission.

Encoder: Lone and Syncro. Fansub: HorribleSubs. Source: TV. Resolution: 1280×720, 8-bit video

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