Golden Time

Golden Time to me represents a reality that some have faced. There is guilt, loss of one’s self, selfishness, one-sided love, jealousy, etc. that drives the plot to seem like a real person’s life.
Some parts of this is still of the somewhat supernatural, but it just adds to the story that even though we can’t prove that somethings are still/were there, it does not mean that they never existed and have disappeared just b/c we cannot see or feel them.

The plot is filled with possible ships, being good for those fangirls and boys. Although it has not yet been concluded, every episode is filled with its own miniplot that is a piece of a larger picture. There is love, jealousy, willingness, and renewal beautifully woven into this anime.

The characters are pretty realistic along with there backgrounds. There are shadows as well as beautiful moments that can bring one to tears. There is a character for practically everyone to connect to, and for everyone to fall in love with. The main characters Banri and Koko may seem a bit broken or halved, but in my opinion they help make eachother better.

Overall this is an anime that just surpasses the standards you make when you glance at it. It is a story that is a bit timeless in the sense that even though the time period id modern, the issues and feelings can be understood from any point in history for we are human and have one point felt love, rejection and especially jealousy. It is what all people have in common, no matter the ethnicity or intelligence. That is what I love about this anime, and I hope that you will be able to see and feel this too if you choose to watch it.

Sorry for this wordy review, but please watch this anime!!!!



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