Macross Delta (Special Preview) (720p |200MB)

for those who like Macross series i can say this one need to be watched urgently

Great mecha space opera. :) I dare say even people who are not into mecha will like it. Just try it and you`ll see. 😉

explains brief history of macross / robotech, then after several years, what has happened. great anime to watch, does not at any point put the macross legacy to shame. must see anime!!!

Probably the best anime out there, great soundtrack, great animation, great plot
i short you can`t go wrong with this one

A great love story


One of the best Macross Series Ever! 5 Stars!

This series simply rocks, should have an award for best anime of 2008!
you`re being kept excited through each and every episode.. and it doesn`t stop!.. when you think it can`t get better.. it just keeps going and going.. and god you just gotta love those artish` drawings & animations.. and the music..<3

At first incredibly boring and stupid (space jet fighter with arms and legs… took me a while to get used to it), but in the end, I really enjoyed it and some songs are actually very good. Although I still think that it`s sometimes really stupid. And final episode seemed a bit forced.
For Macross fans it`s a must see, for others as well if you can tolerate some silliness, and for rest it`s recommended.

aimo aimo
ne-der ru-she
noina miria
enderu prodea
koko wa attaka na umi dayo
ru-rei rureia
sora wo mau hibari wa nami da
ru-rei rureia
omae wa yasashi midori no ko

Mind blowing visuals. The combat scenes in space are forged from a solid bar of AWESOMENESS. The OST is as great as it promised to be and the voice actors fit their characters very well. For long-term fans of the Macross series, there are great connections to all the other series (listen to some radio songs for a hint at Macross 7 for example).

music is good but can get a little annoying , but other than that , anime is very good

I`m not a big mecha fan, but I totally loved this show. The animation is amazing, the story is good, and the songs are beautiful. I recommend it for everyone, it`s not all about mecha fights.

Excellent show with plenty of action to keep you on the edge of your seat. The character design is utimately its weakest spot, but the brilliant animation and sound combined with the string of events compromised it pretty well for me.


A nice blend of music, school life and mecha violence.

Only the fact that its reviving Macross series once again is just enough to pump me up, but as of now (episode 13) I am thrilled with the style combinations of original, Plus and Zero (actually 7 too but since I dont like that style…). Thing is, you need to see this

Good stuff.

If you`re not a fan of macross… Well its never too late to watch. After watching Macross Frontier. I fell in love with it. The OP/ED was beautiful and Sheryl and ranka`s songs captivated me. The love story is very interesting and well made, and it didn`t leave you “hanging”. A MUST SEE for everyone.

Damn…just damn.

the best of Spring 08

That was awesome. The animation, songs and the story just blew my mind.

Legendary series, kicks major ass.

Space Opera at its peak! The music in this series is especially great and you can`t help feel a bit spoiled.

This is an excellent anime: the quality of the animation, especially during mecha battles, is great and landscapes and background sceneries are full of gorgeous colors. The story unfolds very progressively and becomes more and more interesting. Althought characters are quite stereotyped it is a very good show!

ost and animation give an overwhelming feeling….indescribable, you have to see it to feel it!

A very good anime!!! Story and Production are perfect!

Even if you aren`t a fan of Macross/Robotech, this is one of the best anime series I`ve watched in a long time. Up there in quality with Bleach. I had actually never watched any prequel series and was able to get into it without a problem. Action, drama, humor and a great plot. All of it is woven together with great music and the anime is directed very well. Don`t miss out on this show.

real great and the song are the best 😛


Beeing raised with the original Macross SDF-1 I must say that i got the chills from this Series.
One of the best in OST and Feeling for true art.

What the hell are you waiting for?!


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