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As you know, Underwater has dropped Gangsta. and there no subtitles available for it except professional subs by people who don’t work on weekends at Funimation. As such, we decided to take things in our hands and sub Gangsta. ourselves. That said we do not have a translator to provide us the script, therefore we decided to use the Funimation translation. Of course we will actually typeset the subtitles instead of just making them cover the entire video. As such, you have slightly better subtitles provided by yours truly Anime2Enjoy. But do keep in mind that our staff crew is tremendously small, it is only two people working on Gangsta. (and every ongoing in general) so there will be a week delay in new Gangsta. updates (but as I had promised I did post episode 5 before weekend). And those are not the only reasons for the delay. Gangsta. airs on only four channels: Tokyo MX – Saturdays, TV Aichi – Sundays, BS11 and ABC – Wednesdays. Now you may wonder what does this have to do with the delays, but well it has a lot. The Tokyo MX and TV Aichi streams are censored ones (we know you all hate censored stuff) so the only way to get uncensored stream is by waiting until Wednesdays, and this prevents us from working on the subtitles before Wednesdays. Different TV Stations have different dialogues and timings sometimes, so we have to match it with ABC (we use ABC, not BS11) and to do that we need the RAW video. We start working on Gangsta. subtitles on Wednesdays, and get it done by Saturdays (normally), which is quite fast for a group made of only two people. I do not think I mentioned this but HorribleSubs (HS) rips from Funimation’s website which uses the censored stream of Gangsta., so you are pretty much watching censored stuff by being impatient. Here are the people working on Gangsta. subtitles:
Translation: Funimation.
Editing: Syncro9.
Timing: Lone7Wulf.
Typesetting: Lone7Wulf.
Quality Checking: Syncro9 and Lone7Wulf.
Complaining: You.

This post became a lot longer than I had thought it would. I will also be making a post explaining the different subtitle groups and what they mean soon™. Also this announcement thing is gonna be a trend now.


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